Based on the experience, DOK-ING has developed a system of post-sale support considering training which enables our customers and clients to easily acquire the knowledge how to operate and service our systems.

Since our machines and equipment pay greater dividends when put to skillful and safe use, DOK-ING provides sophisticated and comprehensive training schedule. Different training modules are set to train mechanics and operators, either at DOK-ING headquarters or in the country of deployment.

Training is performed by experienced instructors, and it has been confirmed that instructor led operator training offer much more that the customary orientation training shared at the time of machine delivery.

All of our training schedules and modules are tailored to the specific needs of each of our customers.

The essential parts of the operator training are dedicated to machine assembly, steering and start up/shut down procedures, then to maintenance and repairs (separately dealing with mechanical, hydraulic, engine and electrical system).

A different set of training modules has been prepared for an electro technician, and they cover the complete electrical scheme, common failure, safety and protection measures.

Each and every training has a theoretical and practical test in order to evaluate both the trainers and the trainees.

Short Training History:

The first training was done in 2002, for the FMV/SWEDEC personnel at DOK-ING premises in Zagreb.

Irish Combat engineers were trained in 2003 at the locations in Zagreb and Zadar. Same year FSD mechanical supervisor was trained at DOK-ING before taking the position in Iraq, and subsequently in South Sudan.

Sri Lanca was the location of several training rounds, the first being done in early 2006, when the first set of three MV-4 had been deployed. The training team was there again in 2009 as well as in 2011 – since the demining system has been significantly improved in the meantime, the training has to consider newer versions and better performance capabilities.

From 2006 to 2009 a number of training modules were prepared for demining experts from Ireland, Columbia, Greece and Nicaragua.

During last three years the training activities were raised up in numbers since it had been provided for the teams in Libya, Iraq, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Columbia, again Nicaragua, Sweden and Italy.

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