A key component of good machine or system maintenance is the way that a machine or a system has been operated. Operators of DOK-ING machines and systems should be qualified and experienced in the operation and maintenance of their machines. One more reason for DOK-ING to have a thorough training as a part of post–sale support.

The standard requirement for all of the DOK-ING products is that they are maintained and service in accordance with our recommendations. The routine checks should be made on the working components and where those are critical to the effective operation of a machine or system; they should be repaired or replaced before further work continues. The routine inspections of safety features on the machines should also be carried out according to the standard recommendations.

The other part of post-sale support lies in different kind of services DOK-ING offers, including

  • regular or periodical maintenance of the machines and equipment manufactured
  • repairs according to clients' operational requirements
  • on call maintenance and repairs personnel able to travel wherever needed
  • spare parts and packages delivered in timely manner all over the world
  • reliable logistics solutions since all DOK-ING equipment can be transported with standard means via road, sea and air

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