The MVD Extra Low Profile (XLP) Dozer is designed as a very low profile, remote-controlled machine for multiple uses such as underground mining, construstruction, military and defence missions. Low profile and remote control  makes it suitable for multi purpose tasks and missions.

The first dozer was developed in 2003 when the South African mining sector expressed a need for a small machine which could assist with the cleaning of slopes after blasting. It is controlled by a single operator using a simple and convenient hand-held remote control unit. The experience has shown that most people can be trained within a period of several days to operate the machine.

The MVD is  is equipped  with  a  blade  for digging  and  pushing  the blasted  ore  in  front  of  the machine.  During operation, the MVD is capable of handling 50 to 120 tons of ore per hour.  The machine is designed to work continuously with minimal maintenance and downtime.  Maintenance and repairs can be carried out in the field or in certified service centers, a nd the tools required are standard wrenches and some specially modified tools.

The major components not produced by DOK-ING such as motor and hydraulics are provided by large, international companies thus ensuring long-term availability of spare parts. The in-house service capabilities allows DOK-ING to send maintenance team at short notice to any location in the world.

The MVD was developed with the following system requirements:

  • Safety of personnel
  • High performance in the most difficult working conditions
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Capable of operating on inclines up to 30 degrees
  • Environmental protection
  • Ability to work in high temperatures up to 50°C

The machine has been developed according to real demonstrated requirements and user needs for maximum perfomance and versatility. Because of it dimensions, very good manouverability, high engine power, and low track-ground pressure, the MVD XLP can work year round in almost all conditions.

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