Flail – can be utilized in a number of scenarios – as the mine and other UXO clearance tool to detonate hazards or as the mechanical ground preparation equipment to improve efficiency of mine clearance operations by reducing or removing obstacles – vegetation cutting and clearing, removal of tripwires, loosening the soil, removal of metal contamination, debris and similar

Tiller – another solution for both mine and other UXO clearance and mechanical ground preparation operations; stiff levers with claws made of special steel are highly resistant to detonations, tier and wear

Manipulator Arm – the 360 degrees rotational platform used to lift objects, to excavate UXOs from various grounds

Bucket/Blade – enables the system to work in soil containing ERW, to remove debris, obstacles and to conduct limited-scale construction 

Gripper – rotational too is used primarily as rescue and cutting tool, to remove obstacles, safely handle dangerous objects


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