Easy transport

  • Simple and inexpensive
  • Can be loaded onto an ordinary truck, car hauler trailer or tractor-trailer
  • No need for special permits or police escort
  • Can be loaded into 20ft container
  • Can be transported via helicopter inside cargo compartment or by use of lifting points



  • DOK-ING provides Customer focused comprehensive training course in many languages
  • Training is conducted in both theory and practice
  • Provided for operators, mechanics and electricians
  • The course runs 2 to 3 weeks after which you are certified to work with MV-2



  • Easily accessible parts and systems for maintenance and inspection
  • Inspection and service ports and doors are placed around the systems
  • Can be carried out in a field or in a workshop
  • DOK-ING always maintains adequate stocks of spare parts 
  • Rapid response technical team available, acts at a short notice worldwide

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