Usage: mine & ERW clearance,BAC, ground preparation, vegetation removal, operation with both tools simultaneously or either one decided by the MV-10.
Description:  The Flail Tool destroys all Anti-Personnel and Anti-Tank mines by rotating 42 heavy-duty hammers, while the Tiller Head  assists the Flail by processing ground with its 58 long chisels thus ensuring double check of area in a single pass.
Tool width: 2970 mm
Working width: 2400 mm
Weight: 4630 kg
Usage: roadblocks clearance/obstacles’ removal, gripper precise operation with suspicious objects/EOD/IED (VCS appliance is required), use of gripper as rescue tool - hydraulic cutter or penetration tool, cutting of concertina/barbwire, pushing ability of 10 tonnes, lifting capacity of up to 2 tonnes, use of dozer blade in limited-scale construction activities and/or for excavation purposes.
Tool width: 2960 mm
Working width: 2960 mm
Weight: 1340 kg
Usage: road verification, support of military convoys/foot patrols, area proving, mine clearance tool alternative to flail, possible use for temporary ground military air fields.
Tool width: 2940 mm
Working width: 2450 mm
Weight: 3850 kg
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