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European top Manager and Decade Champion

top manager, vjekoslav majetic, DOK-ING

The 36th Ceremony announcing The Best of The Best Managers and Companies from the region of South East and Central Europe was held in the Congress Hall of the Sarajevo Hotel Holiday, with the presence of several hundred most successful managers and public figures of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region of Middle and South East Europe. The Jury of the European Independent Agency for the Selection and Promotion of the Most Successful Business People and Companies awarded 17 most successful managers from several European countries. 

Tom Tom awarded the Grand Prix and the Gold medal at KIDE 2016 in Taiwan

Croatian innovators participated recently at two important world exhibitions in Hong Kong and Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The most successful Croatian exhibitor at the mentioned shows was DOK-ING’s owner, Vjekoslav Majetić who was awarded the Grand Prix and the Gold Medal at Kaohsiung International Invention and Design EXPO (KIDE) 2016. The awards were given for his innovation of “Multifunctional Utility Electric Vehicle TOM TOM”.



INOVA 2016 has been the third oldest exhibition of inventions in the world and the second largest in Europe. This year’s issue was held in Zagreb, November 9 to 12, under the motto “Be a role model for 2016”. Among a numerous local and foreign exhibitors, DOK-ING presented its latest in the are of electric vehicles, a small multifunctional utility vehicle TOM TOM.


Loox in the sci-fi film

An interesting proposal came from the filmmakers at the company Antitalent – they would like to use our electric vehicle Loox in their sci-fi project. When visiting DOK-ING they also saw even more interesting “old electric vehicle”, funny little yellow service car and immediately marked it as an additional prop for this project.


DOK-ING on Al Jazeera TV

DOK-ING, Loox, electric vehicle, mine clearance, firefighting

Although the footage has been taken last year, on March 19 you should watch the 4th episode in the series „The Alchemy of Balkans: Croatia“ where DOK-ING has a major role.

Well known journalist and Editor Goran Milić has designed a series of 30-minutes episodes in which he is going to show and introduce a number of known and unknown people, institutions, companies, interesting and unknown facts on Croatia and its social life.

XLP demo for Turkish DEMPO Group Representatives

extra low profile, dozer, bucket, mining equipment

DEMPO Group is a Turkish manufacturer and foreign trade company, nowadays dealing with a wide range of products from many different sectors, such as mining industry, quarrying, agriculture and energy.

The representatives of DEMPO visited DOK-ING being interested primarily in mining equipment such as XLP with dozer and bucket. After being introduced to all of our programs, a short demonstration of XLP with a bucket has been organized for them on a nearby gravel terrain.

XD concept and LOOX

Traditional partner of the Zagreb Energy Week, DOK-ING took the central position at the EE day this weeked at the Zagreb main square. Showcasing XD concept and the LOOX prototype as examples of urban electric vehicles, DOK-ING enabled Zagreb citizes to directly contact designers and engineers and find out main features and many other details of the electric vehicles.

DOK-ING at the Science Festival 2014

For the first time DOK-ING was invited to showcase its systems at the Science festival 2014 held in 14 Croatian cities and organized by a number of different museums and institutions. The theme of "Waves" was applied even in the demonstration of
DOK-ING demining system MV-4 since it was remotelly controlled by "unvisible waves".
The Science festival provided a rich program of lectures, workshops, exhibitions and other events, inviting everybody, from 7 to 77, to enjoy "waves" of knowledge and information on many different things found in everyday life.

Loox at the Exclusive Auto Moto Show in Rijeka

Since the Zagreb show was cancelled, the Exclusive Auto Moto Show in the Tower Center in Rijeka has gathered everything worth seeing in Croatia this year. Among the new models from Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Renault, Opel and Ford, a corner of a large garage in the Tower was assigned to DOK-ING and Rimac, and their electric cars, Loox and Concept 1.
Exceptional attendance of the fair has not been fueled only by new models, but also a number of special cars such as the racing car of the Riteh Racing Team, Jagura F-type and other exclusive cars like Lamborghini Murcielago, Diablo…


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