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"Our experience working with DOK-ING has been very positive, as we work together on customers’ special projects. The factory supports us in both technical and commercial aspects and accompany us in the knowledge of the equipment. We believe in partnership with DOK-ING for future development of mining business in Chile. DOK-ING has proven to be a very serious and responsible, solid company to do business with and also we hope to meet their expectations.“

"DOK-ING is a learning organization. As experts in organizational development, we have been working with a number of industries and a variety of organizations. Although every organization wants to be successful, only a small number of them are really ready to invest efforts in raising awareness of their areas for development, building a culture of communion, open communication, curiosity and innovation, and is committed to working every day to improve their people, teams and themselves in whole. Such organizations are called learning organizations.

DOK-ING, a company that started in the family garage and built products that endure global technological competitiveness, according to all the criteria is a true learning organization and partner of our choice."

"We started working with DOK-ING in early 2014. They have quickly helped us gain an understanding of their considerable capabilities in Combat Engineering, De-Mining, confined space digging and disaster intervention (fires and earthquakes). This has allowed us to make telling interventions into UK and International markets on their behalf. This has not been easy but they have supported us all the way with clever and innovative solutions, hard work to get things done and teamwork, support and help when we have needed it."

"MINEFREE (Formerly EitanLidor Projects) is working proudly with DOK-ING since 2010. DOK-ING strongly supports MINEFREE's operations in Israel while providing highly professional mechanical demining services against both AT and AP mine threats. DOK-ING proved its capabilities to work in an extremely difficult environment where many others failed.

DOK-ING's contribution to MINEFREE's success is truly remarkable – the company's willingness to encounter the toughest challenges in the field, its innovations and engineering flexibility, the sales support in front of INMAA and the IDF as major clients - all reflect DOK-ING's strengths and its uniqueness."


"DOK-ING has been very supportive on all aspects that they might possibly give us. A comprehensive briefing was given to our Sales and Marketing Team regarding the state of the art products they are offering. Their products for Demining and Firefighting will be a solution and tool especially here in Qatar. An impressive presentation for the Government Sector was conducted and the results are very optimistic. We look forward to future business venture that DOK-ING and our company will undertake."

"Thank you for provider of excellent demining machines and thank you for making the world safer."


"It is my pleasure to recommend the DOK-ING Africa XLP Dozer for use in hand rock mining production sections. During the past 5 years, 4 South Shaft at Union Mine has succesfully used the DOK-ING XLP dozer in our operations. The dozer has a simple design which makes it easy to maintain and a very reliable machine to work with.I will recommend this dozer to any company wishing to mechanise their conventional hard rock mining sections.“


"DOK-ING is one of the best company in the world saving the human life and providing SAFE environment to the community which are under the mine/UXO threat. I worked with MV 4 in Tajikistan and the SHA we cleared with MV- 4 was about 1.2 million sq. meters of contaminated area and neutralized more than 6000 land mines and Unexploded ordinance.

My best wishes to YOU guys who putting their efforts for development of DOK-ING and doing the best to SAFE the human lives all over the world. Good luck and success in your future work."


"As the Project Manager for Land 144, Countermine I dealt with you and your team regularly. The Project received the main deliverables, 8 DOK-ING MV-10's early on in the life of the project. From what I can see these were delivered efficiently. In the latter part of the project the focus was on delivering manuals and supporting documentation and technical information. We were able to communicate effectively with DOK-ING in English by phone and in writing on contractual and technical issues throughout the life of the contract.

There were some difficulties in negotiating contract changes but this was not attributable to any cultural or language difficulties but rather appeared to have resulted from agreements which were acted on before being agreed in detail in formal contract changes. This was made more difficult because of the change in staff involved in the project on both sides - it is noted that Damir left the project because of the unforeseen illness of his wife. As a result these changes in staff negotiations were more difficult than need be.

BAE were engaged to provide local support but generally this appeared not to be necessary as communication between the Australian Department of Defence and DOK-ING was effective. There was some difficulty in establishing details of the source and identification of some component items which were provided to sub-contractors or suppliers to DOK-ING and at the end of the project a small number, perhaps one or two, remain unresolved. I acknowledge that this level of detail would not be required by most customers.

Overall Project Land 144 enjoyed a good working relationship with DokIng who provided a robust and effective product. I am happy to recommend the MV-10 as an effective mince clearance tool.“

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