The MV-4 demining system transformation into a powerful combat engineering & counter IED/EOD solution

Being originally developed as a mine clearance robotic system and known as the most tested demining machine in the world, the DOK-ING's MV-4 upgraded and empowered with the EOD Arm presents a highly efficient and safe solution for combat engineering tasks and missions.

One of the world's best renowned light category mine clearance systems MV-4 is used by more than 25 countries worldwide for humanitarian demining, route and vegetation clearance, but also for C-IED and EOD missions. In fact, it is the only mine clearance and EOD robotic system in its category that has proved its efficiency in the real combat environment without human casualties in more than 20 years of operation.



The MV-4 with EOD Arm has been specially designed and built for a particular use of our customer. Confronted with the problems, the end user  approached to DOK-ING with a special request to design a unique robotic system to help them face their real combat environment issues. Their problems were impossible to solve with the existing combat engineering solutions due to their size, lifting capacity and strength limitations. Also, the end user wanted to have universal solution which could be used in demining operation as well as in EOD, BAC and C-IED missions.

To meet the customer's needs, our engineers came to the idea of creating a unique concept which will merge the powerful features of DOK-ING's best known robotic system made of resistant and proven HARDOX 450 and verified in all conditions with the sophisticated tool charaterized by extended EOD capabilities. The MV-4 with EOD Arm for manipulation, interrogation, cutting and device defeat was invented.



The upgraded multi-mission robotic system was designed to clear all types of AP mines with the ability to survive AT mines detonation, together with capability to do deep interrogation, UXO removal, breaching, mobility assurance and many more missions due to its forceful features.

The major technical specifications of EOD Arm are provided below:

  • Hydraulic arm with manipulator (armed with disrupter) – 1715 kg
  • MV-4-based rotational platform - 360°
  • Opening of manipulator jaws – up to 124 cm
  • Lifting capacity at a full length - 400 kg
  • Max length of hydraulic arm - 5,4 m
  • Max operational height above ground - 6,8 m
  • Max depth to operate with load below ground – 3 m
  • Video Camera System - 4 high-resolution video cameras & additional light
  • Remote Control – up to 1500 m on with Line of Sight (LOS)
  • Metal rack for transporting, storing or replacing the EOD Arm in field conditions (available upon request)
  • Extra protection system, including the major elements:
    • Safety sensor for overloading;
    • Hydraulic safety valves.


All of the said features drastically reduce possible impact on the system operators. In addition to it, DOK-ING continues its work to develop new tools or integrate the best COTS products available within the EOD/C-IED community.

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