European top Manager and Decade Champion

top manager, vjekoslav majetic, DOK-ING

The 36th Ceremony announcing The Best of The Best Managers and Companies from the region of South East and Central Europe was held in the Congress Hall of the Sarajevo Hotel Holiday, with the presence of several hundred most successful managers and public figures of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region of Middle and South East Europe. The Jury of the European Independent Agency for the Selection and Promotion of the Most Successful Business People and Companies awarded 17 most successful managers from several European countries. 

Vjekoslav Majetić, owner and the President of the Management Board of DOK-ING, has been nominated as one of the European top managers and the Best of the Decade, and thus got the award for the development of demining and other life saving machines, and the flattering title of the Decade Champion.

This manifestation has built its image in 35 former elections of best ones in the Southeast and Central Europe. With the goal and desire to make successful businessmen and successful company leaders - the biggest media stars, the stars with the same popularity level that are usually reserved for the best athletes, best singers or best actors in the world! They deserve it because without successful businessmen, there is neither successful art nor sport or anything else.

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