DOK-ING's MV-4 working in the Eastern Crimea

demining, MV-4, land clearance

DOK-ING MV-4 robotic system was mentioned to be used by the Russian demining team from the LIDER Center for Rescue operations of High Risks of EMERCOM of Russia (The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters)  operating at the Kerch Fortress in the Eastern Crimea.
Since the land around the Kerch Fortress has been polluted with all sorts of ammunition, fragments, dangerous and possibly explosive findings, the demining has been going on (with a number of interruptions) for 70 years. Only this summer, EMERCOM specialists has neutralized around 16 000 items of various unexploded ordnance (UXO).
To improve the efficiency of the land clearance, the demining specilialists of the LIDER Center has thus beeen using the DOK-ING robotic system MV-4 for the first time in Crimea. Quoting the MV-4 as the excellent and highly reliable, the remotely controlled system enables the operator to be at least 250 meters away from the potentially dangerous zone.

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