AIG Shafqat Malik from Bomb Disposal Unit of KPK (Pakistan) visited DOK-ING

During this month, DOK-ING was the host to Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Shafqat Malik from Bomb Disposal Unit of KPK (Pakistan). The meeting was held by DOK-ING's President of Supervisory Board Vjekoslav Majetić and Chief Technical Advisor Konstantin Darmaniyan at DOK-ING's headquarters in Zagreb.

AIG Shafqat Malik walked through the production facility where he was introduced to the complete range of DOK-ING’s products. The facility tour was followed by the real time scenario demonstration performed at the polygon of the Croatian Mine Action Center in Cerovac, Croatia. Mr. Malik had an opportunity to see DOK-ING’s most popular robotic systems MV-4 and MV-10 in action while they were neutralizing AP and AT mines on a test lines, as well as MV-4 Scorpion configuration for EOD operations.  

AIG Shafqat Malik is certified EOD and forensic expert who has dealt with thousands of different cases and worked on Pakistan’s counter-IED strategy. The effort of the Bomb Disposal Unit of KPK to protect their country against terrorism was masterfully presented in the awarded documentary “Armed With Faith”.

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