The project "Development of remote-controlled vehicle for operations in the extreme NRCB conditions (DUV-NRKBE)" aims to stimulate SMEs to invest in R & D and develop a new innovative solution for the global market. The project will last 24 months. The scheduled start is 10/2017, and it ends at the end of 09/2019. The total eligible project cost is 16.451.724,58 kn, while the amount of the grant is 8.907.495,03 kn.

Short description of the Project - Purpose and justification

Applicant: DOK-ING d.o.o.

Partner: University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

DOK-ING aims to develop a unique system for operation in the extremely hot zone, open fire and high temperatures, explosions, shrapnels, demolition, high concentrations of flammable, explosive and toxic substances, ionizing radiation and other CBRNe threats, as well as terrorism threats in which first responders cannot survive.

The system will be remotely operated,  used for removal of  hazardous objects, investigation, scanning, monitoring, collecting and processing data, enabling prediction of events, sampling and marking a hazardous zone, put out fires, performing CBRNe decontamination and neutralizing or removing explosive devices.

The company provides a highly skilled project team (21 members) that has been joined by the partner team from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, (FER) participating in the project with 3 full-time employees and 4 new staff members. All key people are involved in the implementation of the company's most significant projects since its foundation, giving them strong competencies to work on this project.

Project Elements:

1: Experimental Development of Remote Controlled Vehicle for Operation in Extreme CBRNe Conditions (DUV-NRKBE) - DOK-ING + FER

2: Dissemination of project results - FER

3: Promotion and Visibility - DOK-ING

4: Project Management and Administration - DOK-ING

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