"We continually encourage all of our employees to challenge waste, eliminate inefficiencies, and work to deepen their understanding of our true impact on the world in which we live."


Responsibility for Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

We are dedicated to the long-term health and safety of everyone at DOK-ING’s headquarters and other premises, as well as in field operations.
We are committed to protecting the environment in which we live, design, manufacture, deploy and use our products. 
DOK-ING employees are engaged in identifying and managing risks at all levels and are active participants in continuous improvement in regard to environmental aspects and health and safety concerns of our operations. 
At DOK-ING, sustainability begins within our own activities and operations. We continually encourage all our employees to challenge waste management, eliminate inefficiencies, and strive to deepen their understanding of our true impact on the world in which we live.
We have established high performance standards for health, safety and environment at our premises that extend beyond compliance with laws and regulations.


Success and future of DOK-ING d.o.o. primarily depend on the company’s dedication to quality in its development and production of special purpose remote controlled robotic systems. Continuous care for the environment resulting in the high level of energy management efficiency represents our strategic commitment by which we promote values of the environmental and energy management not only to the community but to all interested parties. We support procurement of energy efficient products and services as well as designing for energy performance enhancement. Employee and end user safety is an important component in all Company activities.
Company Management is dedicated to the development and implementation of integrated management systems suitable for our business activities as well as to the implementation of risk management measures. This statement represents Company’s commitment to implement necessary actions to result in continuous improvement in the quality control management, environment, energy and health and safety, as well as in uninterruptedly monitoring and compliance with the relevant legal and other regulations.
Quality can be generated at every work post within the Company and is, therefore, together with the constant care for the environment, contamination prevention, responsible use of energy and implementation of health and safety regulations, each employee’s responsibility. It is achieved by constant employee education and awareness and compliance with and unceasing improvement of business processes on all Company levels. Responsible energy management, environmental care, improvement of health and safety regulations accompanied by growing customer satisfaction with the achieved quality are main Company Management and employees goals that are to be realized through integrated management systems.
Zagreb, April 2019
Company Director

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