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Razvojni inženjer elektronike
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DOK-ING's core business covers designing and manufacturing of robotized systems for  humanitarian demining, firefighting, underground mining, while powerful research and development division recently and successfully reached out in a domain of electrical car design and development.

A horizontal - technically supported and engineering based structure, together with a vertical - organizational and management oriented structure, form a framework of the prosperous business environment. Our business strategy is followed by rapid company growth, involving intensive knowledge and experience adoption, human resources development, business processes, and organizational management systems and mechanisms enhancements, as well as constant evolution of our relationship with customers and clients.

DOK-ING’s success is based on its innovative, creative and educated personnel. The understanding that people are an inexhaustible development resource and capital determines our business conduct, organizational and management structure and all organizational processes. From this cognition DOK-ING derives its constant aspiration for increasing its intellectual capital, encouraging self-education and developing the lifelong learning system, providing safe but challenging working surroundings to all of its existing and potential employees.

We recognize that excellence has no borders. That is why we are continually searching for brightest, most talented individuals, highly skilled and motivated people with difference in thoughts, styles, backgrounds, opinions and education which is highly valued at the company. At the same time DOK-ING is proud to employ a dedicated, confident and committed workforce.

Due to the programs of the core business, DOK-ING employs a fascinating range of professionals whose expertise ranges from technical to commercial areas. Thanks to its innovative and creative manpower, as well as financial power, accumulated know-how and market experience, DOK-ING is proud to be one of the few companies in Croatia with an ideal environment for the development of all your potentials.

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