MyHMI is a Java based object oriented software framework for industrial graphical user interfaces development. It enables creation of visually adjustable interfaces for  embedded systems, independently of underlying OS or hardware platform, communication or data processing mechanisms. An expressive and comprehensive 3D visualization MyHMI provides, is based on two layered graphical architecture:

  • low level graphical layer based on the OpenGL and OpenGL ES standards
  • higher interlayer based on JOGL which enables multiplatform compatibility

Whether MyHMI’s  modularity concerns communication and data transfer possibilities, in- or output devices and components, data processing engine, or whether it concerns graphics, MyHMI provides the efficient, modular, pug-in structured architecture.

Modularity enables an adjustable management of fully 3D visual representations, scene animations, state machine transitions, data, and events handling. It provides a rapid deployment and fast adaptations and/or enhancements of the HMIs, resulting in a lower costs and an extremely reduced time-to-market. Thus MyHMI benefits reside in both, the technical and the business domain of an HMI development process.


  • Full 3D graphical engine for building and animating 3D scenes deployable on different platforms and devices profiles.
  • Modular object oriented architecture core, with possibilities to plug-in or develop new data processing, 3D visualization and communications modules.
  • Easily adjustable configuration of interface components, enables rapid enhancements and use-specific demands adjustments.


Initially, MyHMI was developed to support Loox instrument cluster data processing and graphical representation. This way, MyHMI framework proved itself as a robust and agile software platform for the automotive and vehicle infotainment and control applications. Regarding its architecture, MyHMI may also concern any industry branch where the extensive control and visualization mechanisms through a HMI are present.


Power of MyHMI expressive graphical abilities, with application to the industrial interfaces, was demonstrated by development of the interface for a mobile control center - UNIMOG.

UNIMOG is supporting vehicle for DOK-ING's multifunctional robotic system MVF-5, representing the mobile control center with the additional tank for wate. 

Utilization in UMIMOG’s graphical interface includes display and management of control relevant information, enabling remote monitoring of the MVF-5 system, reducing risks and influences of hazardous environments for an operator. MyHMI brings the fresh new 3D graphics into UNIMOG's interface, presenting telemetrics data transferred from the MVF-5 machine using duplex RF connection channels, in effective and jet fully visually attractive way. Interface integrates numerous graphically expressive indicators, bars, and outputs, as well as MVF-5 system 3D model, emphasizing one of its most prominent features. 

UNIMOG’s interface implementation highlights two significant features of MyHMI: 3D graphics and parallel communication and data processing mechanisms, fully adjusted to the specific needs. This interface is manifestation of the benefits, not only operational ones, like easing MVF-5 control and operator’s safety, but also those in a whole process of integrating a new usability oriented looks and functionality into existing system.

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