Starting with the motto „Don't send a man to do a machine's job“, the company strives to advocate a responsible business, finding synergies between innovative products, economic growth, enviromental protection and socially resposible operations.

Sustainability lies at the heart of our innovative products and is driven by employees in our Corporate Values

We view sustainability as an opportunity to drive product innovation, reduce costs, mitigate risks and create business opportunities for long term strategic growth. Our Mission and Vision have grown out of and support our efforts in creating a stimulating work and business environment that will contribute to a better future, protecting human lives in the most dangerous situations and conditions. 

DOK-ING strives to provide a safe and healty working environment for all employees. 
The Company provides a safety and health management system that enables long term initiatives and campaigns to improve safety and health performance within all operations. 

Competence development is an essential to employee satisfaction and Company's growth. The strategic goal is to Increase company's know-how, by providing specific training and coaching for the employees. Their contribution to Company's business results is validated twice a year. 

The established Induction and mentoring program for the new employees includes training program which enables them to acquire and work under the best codes of practice in DOK-ING.

DOK-ING has a positive impact on the human lives protection and thus on the social development in all of the countries where its products are used.

  • Human rights – supporting and respecting all internationally recognized human rights, the Company advocates business partners and customers to develop in line with our values, to be a globally recognized as responsible corporate citizens.  By selling our products and/or providing our services in more than 30 countries all over the world we acknowledge different races, nationalities, religions, cultures, ....  
  • Community Engagement – deeply engaged in the Croatian society for more than two decades, the Company supports a number of educational and cultural associations, institutions and individuals, such as: Croatian Cluster for Humanitarian Demining,  Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD), Croatian Exporters, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce,  Croatian Academy of Technical Sciences, European Committee for Electro technical Standardization (CENELEC),  Society for Counter-ordnance Technology and the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia, etc.
  • Twice a year the Management Board reviews and approves of list of donations trying to respond to needs of many, but primarily to educational, innovative, developing programs and projects. providing  financial or other help in cases of emergency, natural and humanitarian disasters
  • Educational support – beside helping educational programs, the Company receives and organizes a number of student visits to the manufacturing facilities, enabling young people to see, feel and get involved into processes of design, construction, production and commercializaton of diverse innovative programs. Company works closely with numerous educational institutions such as Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture and Faculty of electronics and information technology helping young talents to experience working climate in an innovative development company.

DOK-ING's main environmental impact is during the production of its products. The target is to implement environmental management systems in all procedures, and certify the Company according to the international standard on environment ISO 14001 by the end of 2014.  

The Company's pursuit to significantly reduce environmental footprint is related to a number of projects concerning alternative sources of energy and electrification of our equipment. 

Our projects are electrification of our transport, conversions of standard vehicles and design and manufacturing electrica cars. We strive to close the energy cirlce, using the alternative sources, sun and water as to significantly reduce to footprint of the company's transport.

Our Energy Program that is just coming into focus also envisages our own production of mini hydro power plants, solar systems, zero net energy building, hot water wells...

DOK-ING considers important environmental issues such as material, water and energy consumption in our operations.

By providing high-quality products and services we add value to our customers' and clients' operations and business objectives. Being the Company that is able to provide tailor-made solutions for our customers and clients, we still focus on productivity, quality, costs and efficiency, safety and health and environmental aspects of our programs and projects. 

Our reputation is maintained by working with customers and clients who observe the same high standards for environmental, ethical and social responsibility. 

Customer satisfaction surveys are done in accordance with the Company Quality Policy. The goal is to increase customer loyalty in all programs, and use their feedback on developing, updating and adjusting our procedures, products and services quality.

DOK-ING's reputation is also maintened by working with suppliers, subcontractors, agents and other business partners who are committed to high ethical, enviromental and social standards. 


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